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For Sale

Hasbroís extremely popular action figure line debuted in 2009.

After a couple of years continuing the 6 inch Marvel Legends action figure line that Toy Biz had started a few years earlier, Hasbro decided to scale down the size of the Marvel figures to a more traditional size that they were more accustomed to producing. 

Hasbro is famous for producing GI Joe action figures since 1982 and the re-launched versions of the Star Wars action figures in 1995 and both of those product lines are primarily made in the 3-3/4 inch scale so it was natural for Hasbro to do the same for the Marvel Universe figures.

With a stable of characters that runs extremely deep, Hasbro could tap into the Marvel Comics Universe and bring forth characters that have never been made into action figures.  The reduced size was cost effective in order to accomplish this feat.

The Marvel Universe figures have similar points of movement as found in the Marvel Legends line.  Each figure for the most part can be adjusted at the head, middle chest, waist, arms-with some having a couple of points, elbows, wrists, legs-some a couple of points, knees and ankle movements. 

Black Widow - Marvel Universe Bucky - Marvel Universe Yellow Jacket - Marvel Universe

The posing opportunities are great for collectors and fans allowing them to setup their figures in a variety of ways.

The accessories that come with each figure is appropriate to that figure such as Spider-Man who comes with a web shooting accessory that can be attached to his arm/hand.  There is typically a display base that comes with some figures and a dossier file on the figure as it relates to some of the current Marvel Comics storylines.  This would later change as the line continued.

Spider-Man - Marvel Universe Skrull - Marvel Universe

The first few series contained a Nick Fury SHIELD operations' team special letter assessment on the hero or villain written in a way as if it were written directly to the collector/fan.  A nice touch.

The paint jobs have been done extremely well from figure to figure.  There are some great paint applications on just about every figure. 

The sculpting has been fantastic giving each figure great detail and definition.  You wonít confuse a figure with someone else. 

You can compare them directly with their comic book counterparts and be very happy with the likeness.

The packaging is very uniform throughout the line.  Each figure comes in its own clear plastic bubble attached to a card back which has a summary on the figure and photos of some of the figures in that series.

When you display unopened package figures next to one another they look very uniform and can freely stand them without tilting the package backward or forward.

There have been a number of multi-pack figures that have been spin-offs of this line.  One is the Marvel Secret Wars 2 packs where each of the 12 issues from the 1980s Marvel Secret Wars comic book maxi-series was reproduced and inserted into 12 different 2 figure packages. 

You might see Thor and Enchantress, Hulk and Cyclops, Black Costumed Spider-Man and Magneto, Captain America and Klaw, Human Torch and Wolverine and other key heroes and villains from that comic series.

Thor and Enchantress - Marvel Universe Hulk and Cyclops - Marvel Universe 

There have been a number of comic book 2 packs that have been created from some of Marvelís famous issues and covers.  One of them is Marvelís Greatest Battles featuring Cyclops and Dark Phoenix from the legendary Dark Phoenix storyline from the 1980s. 

Dark Phoenix and Cyclops - Marvel Universe Captain America and Wolverine - Marvel Universe

There have been some impressive larger, over-sized figures that have added a tremendous value to many collections with the highly detailed 18 inch Galactus figure and the 18 inch Sentinel figure.  Each had its own electronics and with a press of a button can produce voices and sounds and lights.

Galactus - Marvel Universe

There have been a number of special figures and multi-pack figures that have been produced which were store, internet and comic book show exclusives.

One simulated the Invaders containing Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and the Red Skull which sold initially at the San Diego Comic Con.

Invaders - Marvel Universe

There are others including a Hydra Soldier, Hand Ninja and SHIELD agent in a 3 pack, Spider-Man, Iceman, Firestar comprising Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends 3 pack. 

There's been a 35th Anniversary set celebrating Giant Size X-Men #1 from 1975 introducing the New X-Men with figures of Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird.

There's been a classic Avengers gift set including the original Avengers team from 1963-Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, with Ant-Man and the Wasp as they first appeared in Avengers #1.

There's been a Gigantic Battles series which included a regular Universe figure in his 3-3/4 inch size with a larger size character in the 12 inch range of Goliath, Skrull Giant Man, Frost Giant.

This is just the scratch of the surface with so many other specialty figures and specialty multi-figure packages.

There's an even bigger way to expand on this product line as they are so comparable to other 3-3/4 inch figures like GI Joe, Star Wars, DC Infinite Heroes and many others.  They blend in so well with these other product lines adding to the possibilities for anyone's collection.

This truly is an amazing line of figures that all action figure collectors and comic book fans have gravitated to with so much more potential for greater things to come.

There are so many other characters that can be produced however Hasbro did announce in mid-2013 that they will more than likely change the naming of the line and introduce future characters with a tie-in to movie and other properties.  Marvel Universe will essentially end, but the figures in this scale and style will be introduced with a movie line of figures for example.

Be on the lookout as there are many movies and TV shows planned with more and more figures being featured and blended in with those lines.

Thanos - Marvel Universe Apocalypse - Marvel Universe 

My suggestion is if you want to start collecting these figures to purchase them at retail shops locally.

I find in my area there are several stores to pick up the figures. 
Checking out Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and K-Mart are some great venues to look for these figures.

Colossus - Marvel Universe Mystique - Marvel Universe

If you've exhausted your retailers and don't want to wait for figures to return to toy store shelves, then you may want to check out your local comic book stores.  They usually don't sell them out too fast since their prices are a tad bit higher than the above major retailers so you have the opportunity to go in there and get some hard to find pieces.

A lot of times there are many collectors and sellers/dealers who will market these figures at local comic book shows.  I find quite a few that deal with action figures in addition to comic books.

If your local options have been drained then it's time to go online and try places like, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, Amoktime.

I have provided quite a few direct links to's site on this page for various Marvel Universe figures that not only carries, but a host of sellers who have eStores there.

You can do quite a bit of comparison shopping between various sellers while on's site.

Each item will have detailed purchasing information and reviews from other buyers about the item.  There will be historical information on the seller as well so you can use to make your decision on which listing is right for you.

Ebay is another good source for figures.  On Ebay thereís a lot of collectors/sellers/dealers always looking to move in and out of product and Marvel Universe is a product line that they know will sell for them since so many collectors want them.

Be careful to check out the auctions and or Buy it Now listings carefully.  Some sellersí terms are not right for everyone and sometimes the items are not what you expect. 

If condition of the package is important to you, then be sure to ask a lot of questions.  If you donít get the right kinds of answers youíre looking for, then move on and try another listing.

Always check out the sellerís profile to see how their past selling has been.  If theyíre new to selling and have only been buying, ask questions.

You always want to be comfortable with the person youíre potentially going to be buying from and you really need to know what it is youíre getting.

Happy Collecting!!!
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