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Affiliate links appear on this page that I may earn a commission if a purchase is made at no additional cost to the buyer.

There are a lot of great places and resources available to purchase action figures for your collection.

Whether youíre beginning to collect or have been collecting for years I can provide information on places and sources that I know of to help you or someone you know on where to buy.

New Figures

Typically if youíre looking for new items I usually visit toy stores or stores in my local area that carry action figures amongst their other marketed merchandise. 

Here in Seattle a general department store called Fred Meyer is a great place to pick up new figures.  They regularly have sales on their figures and usually starting on Sunday have a weekly coupon worth an additional 10% off on all toys which saves us collectors a lot of money.

They also have unadvertised sales and coupons which you can only find while visiting their store.

Hopefully there is a similar chain store like Fred Meyer in your area that may not be on the national scale like Target or Wal-Mart where you can pick up your figures and take advantage of these discounts.

I do rely on Target, Walmart to pick up figures.

Walmart generally is slightly cheaper than the other stores however I find that Target stores tend to get their items in larger quantities than Walmart and most often earlier than Walmart by a week or two.  Target normally has figure packages in better shape due to the fact that they have more to choose from and their toy aisles are kept up consistently.

If youíre on a tight budget then I recommend going to Target and Walmart as your first options unless of course you have a store like a Fred Meyer in your area.

Comic book stores local to you also provide an avenue for new figures and depending on the store may not have more than a few cases of a particular line of figures.  Theyíre going to be more expensive since they cannot compete with the national stores who are able to pass on better pricing since they order more.  They also have other merchandise that make up for most of their revenue with toys being used as an another product to have you come in their store to buy not only those items, but the other thousands of items they sell.

Comic book stores can usually re-order figures that sell out, but the price will more than likely be higher than their initial ordering since re-orders from the main comic book distributor - Diamond Distributors come at a slight additional mark-up.

My recommendation is to wait it out if the figures are newly released and you missed out on them initially at Target, Walmart.  They will make their way back in again into these retailers so be patient.

Swap meets and local comic book and toy stores offer you another option.  Most swap meets run on weekends with comic book and toy shows operating quarterly/bi-annually or annually in most areas.

Again hereís where you have to be patient since these arenít scheduled everyday.

If youíve exhausted all of these and cannot see yourself waiting any longer, then there are several places on the internet that I have used or are familiar with that offer a very nice selection and at very reasonable prices.

Target, Walmart have their own internet presence where you can acquire newer items and sometimes even items that came out a year ago. 

I find that anything that has recently made its way to their bricks and mortar stores generally are available for a short period of time on their web site and itís hit or miss when they return back into that web inventory so you need to be quick.

Some of the toy manufacturer themselves offer their items on their own web site like Hasbro and Mattel. 

Hasbro produces Marvel Comics figures, Star Wars figures, Transformers and GI Joe and often sell most of the items in those lines on their site.  Just like some of the national stores listed, the items only last for so long on their site.

Big Bad Toy Store is a great source to find both new and old figures.  You can pick up items individually or you can purchase a series of figures at one time.  I have purchased from them before and continue to do so.  Their offerings are great and sometimes Iíve missed out on figures and can find a wave that I may not have gotten around to purchasing for months and theyíll have them available and sometimes in their clearance section at even greater prices.

Most action figure lines come in waves or series which can consist of 8, 12, 16 figures in a case.  Depending on the product line, you may see a duplicate of a particular figure.  That is how they are packed from the manufacturer, but sometimes Big Bad Toy Store can setup a specific set in that way too. 

Normally a case selection saves you money per figure.  Letís say one figure costs $9.99 by itself, but if you purchase a case of 12 figures from them, the price per figure may be $7.99 or less. 

It will be your choice if you want to collect the entire series in that set or just go after a specific figure.

Another option is Amoktime.  Iíve purchased from them before and have been happy with the items received.  Theyíre very similar to Big Bad Toy Store, but theyíre smaller in inventory.

Entertainment Earth is one of the largest toy retailers on the net.  Theyíre essentially a big version of the previous two offering a huge selection to all collectors.  I used to receive their mail order catalogs for years and have found some wonderful items.  Sometimes their pricing is good on some items, but other times theyíre a little higher.

If youíre ordering large quantities, either of these will have their advantages when you add up all of the items youíre interested in. is another source.  Iíve only purchased from them once and was satisfied with the product and service.  I havenít visited them for repurchase, but usually compare their items with the others when deciding to buy online.  Their prices are little more from what Iíve observed in most cases, but it will depend on the item youíre interested in so check them out too.

If youíre willing to check out Ebay, youíll be doing business with a wide-variety of merchants and individuals.  I have acquired numerous items over the years and have been a regular member since 1998.

There are going to be a greater selection here simply because there are more sellers here than any other place for action figures.

I only go here for new products after missing out on items that have become a couple of years old and am now revisiting to acquire and my other sources above are dry or may be a little higher than I want to pay at that given time.

Always be cautious about who you deal with on Ebay since Iíve seen way too many who charge a high premium on shipping charges to make up for the price of the item theyíre selling.

It can be very costly to sell there as costs of advertising and sales fees drain any profit on an item so most sellers have taken to adding in some profit into shipping charges just to make it worth their while to sell.

Donít get me wrong.  You can still find a lot of great products and great prices just keep an eye out extraordinary shipping charges and handling fees as stated in any given listing youíre viewing.

A simple check on the US Post Office web site for shipping rates will give you an idea on what it should cost to ship an item from them to you and vice versa.  Donít fall for high shipping prices. 

Often times sellers on Ebay sell there too and have their own ecommerce store just like on Ebay

Old Figures

For older figures using comic book conventions and toy shows and the internet makes the most sense.

I havenít found local comic book stores carrying any older figures since they donít have the size and space and have to consistently push out new product for more newer product.

Some comic book stores have items that have come out within the last 15 years however.

My definition of older action figures are any items prior to the early 1980s.  Although in other hobbies 1980s is not old. 

For action figures which pretty much came around 1964 with the 12 inch GI Joes, a lot of classic action figures which are now very tough to find came out prior to the early 1980s and therefore are considered older figures.

Comic book conventions and toy shows are a venue for most private sellers/dealers who have been hunting and collecting older pieces and brings them out specifically for these shows.

Thatís the time to try and acquire them or you may find these items not resurfacing again for months and sometimes years.

One source on the internet that advertises selling older figures is Brianís Toys.  I donít have any experience buying from them since the items they carry I either donít collect or have already collected in the past.  They focus mainly on Star Wars figures, Indiana Jones figures, GI Joe figures with some other lines in between.  They regularly place ads in toy magazines and similar periodicals and you should be able to do a search on them via Google or Bing.

Big Bad Toy Store and Amoktime also offer older items in addition to new items and advertise that they purchase older items so it might be worthwhile to check out their site.

Ebay is probably going to be the best place for older figures overall as mentioned earlier that itís made up of so many people and businesses.

Private sellers/dealers regularly post older figures either in auctions in most cases or with the outright buy it now feature so anyone can purchase it without going through the bidding process.

These listings are for sale in every hour of the day and you can find some of the hardest to find items there that you do not see in any other place consistently.

My advice again is to know who youíre dealing with.  Check their feedback rating carefully.  Ask yourself about any of their negatives.  Some sellers may have a tremendous amount of good transactions, but sometimes those not so good transactions need to be looked at if itís your first time dealing with them.

Antique stores is one place in your local area to check which most collectors donít think of as some sellers like to deal in person and have found that some antique stores can rent out a space to anyone at inexpensive costs.

I have found a couple here in my home area that have small booths where a couple of sellers offer older figures.  Every region is going to be different. 

With size limitations however the selection is not extensive, but okay.  Check those out as you may find a source that you never thought about before. 

Stay in touch with the sellers as they always try to look out for items that they know they can sell.

Swap meets may be an option for older items too.  Most swap meets run on weekends in most areas.

The condition of items is not ideal, but because it is cheaper for most people to sell there it is a place for the everyday seller to take advantage of selling their older items.

Use swap meets as an option, but not a primary resource.  You may find an occasional item, but I wouldn't expect it to be the best place to go to time after time.

I hope this page has provided you with information on where to buy your action figures.  Iíd like to hear from you if you find other places that youíve experienced and Iíll check them out myself.

Happy Collecting!!!

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