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One of the true rarities in action figures today is that too few companies produce figures with real cloth costumes and uniforms.  The figures are made in plastic for the most part with the outfits sculpted into the figure and then painted over.

Back when action figures debuted in 1964 with GI Joe, all of the Joes came with real cloth uniforms.  Uniforms that you could remove and mix and match with other Joes.  Some action figure lines like Captain Action and Big Jim would continue that trend. 

Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes from the 1970s became cult classics among many collectors with an extensive line of figures outfitted in cloth costumes representing both comic book and television characters.  They were based on Marvel and DC comic book characters which eventually grew into other properties from movies and television such as Planet of the Apes, Tarzan and Star Trek to name just a few.

The figures were highly poseable with multiple points of articulation with those beautiful costumes that you could feel in your hands and fingers.

It would take a couple of decades later for another company to revisit the concept that Mego had created with this theme of action figures with such grace and style and wow factor.

Toy Biz owned the license to produce Marvel characters into action figures and had been pretty successful in the 1990s with multiple lines of action figures based on Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men and the many others and decided to go back to the Mego idea and expand on it a bit.

They debuted the Marvel Famous Cover line in 1997 and created one of the most dynamic looking set of action figures to date.

Each figure would come in its own square/rectangular shaped box with a recognizable comic book cover on the outside which had a round circle opening with the figure’s head showing in the circle.  The exterior was a gatefold that one could open up to reveal the figure which was posed behind clear plastic. 

Captain America - Famous Cover Black Widow - Famous Cover Hawkeye - Famous Cover

The inside gatefold would tell a story about the figure and the associated famous comic book cover.

The figures themselves are nothing short of incredible.  Most figures stood between 8 inches to 9 inches.

The costumes were top notch.  When you look at any figure in the line you can see just how much effort went into the figure.  They were made with care and a lot of attention to detail.  The costumes look very authentic and resembled the characters that they portray.

The sculpting of each figure shines through just enough through their costume to let you know the Toy Biz artists made great efforts in that area as well.

Some of the figures give you the feeling that they will just leap right out of the package and into your hands.

Hulk - Famous Cover Storm - Famous Cover Captain America - Famous Cover

Iron Man has cloth parts where possible without taking away from the character’s armor.  His helmet comes off to reveal Tony Stark, his alter-ego.

Spider-Man’s costume can be removed to reveal his alter ego Peter Parker as well.

Wolverine’s head gear can be removed to reveal his alter ego Logan.

Hawkeye comes with a bow and arrows and quiver and the bow can actually fire the arrows with a little practice by you.

Captain America’s shield can come off.

Thor’s hammer can be taken out of his hand and he has a flowing cape.

Iron Man - Famous Cover Thor - Famous Cover Rogue - Famous Cover

Most of the female figures in the line like Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Rogue, Phoenix, Psylocke and Aunt May have rooted synthetic hair.

Each figure has multiple points of movement.  Each figure for the most part can be adjusted at the head, middle chest, waist, arms-some a couple of points, elbows, wrists, legs with a couple of points of articulation and movement in the knees and ankles. 

The posing opportunities are great for collectors and fans allowing them to setup their figures in a variety of ways.  The paint jobs are extremely well done from figure to figure. 

The packaging as mentioned before is a square/rectangular shape box and can be stacked in a book like format. 

There have been three 2 figure pack specialty figures that were store exclusives.  One was Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Black Costumed Spider-Man and Black Costumed Spider-Woman and Spider-Man and Electro.

Magneto - Famous Cover Wolverine - Famous Cover

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman - Famous Cover Spider-Man and Electro - Famous Cover

With the first X-Men movie in 2000 Toy Biz decided to create a specialty 2 figure pack with a movie version of Wolverine with a comic book version of Wolverine, a movie version of Storm with a comic book version of Storm and a movie version of the Toad with a comic book version of the Toad.

The comic book Wolverine in this specialty pack differed from the first Wolverine figure primarily in that there was no removable mask.  The head was sculpted with Wolverine’s features.

The comic book Storm in this pack differed from the first Storm figure primarily in that she was outfitted in her white costume instead of the black costume.

When Hasbro acquired the license to produce and manufacture Marvel Comics characters into toys and action figures in late 2006, they revisited the Famous Cover line and produced a new series called Marvel Signature Series

The figures utilized the same concepts with cloth costumes as their Famous Cover counterparts and were in the same size and scale too.

Hasbro produced several figures including Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Captain America, Daredevil, Punisher, Sandman, Cyclops, Mister Fantastic. 

These figures add to the Famous Cover line to expand your collection and they really blend in very well.

During the 2000s Marty Abrams one of the co-founders of Mego brought back to life some of the figures from the glory years of the 1970s.  He’s reintroduced Retro Star Trek, Retro Planet of the Apes, Retro Horror figures that are pretty close to the same size as the Famous Cover figures with cloth like costumes and uniforms. 

Mattel joined in as well with Retro style DC Super Heroes figures of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Sinestro, Lex Luthor, Shazam, Wonder Woman and many, many others with the same style of clothing and figures as that of the Mego line from the 1970s.

These only add to the excitement and bring renewed interest in the Famous Cover line and combined with those items makes for an incredible collection of figures.

This is one of the best action figure toy lines ever and those who were lucky to acquire them know how much they mean to you.

Thor - Famous Cover Hulk - Famous Cover

Many other companies have introduced and re-introduced their own line of 8 inch figures such as Bif Bang Pow! who owns the license to Six Million Dollar Man and Battlestar Galactica. 

The Steve Austin and Sasquatch figures are probably the most popular with the Rudy Wells and Oscar Goldman not far behind.

Classic TV Toys has developed their own line and acquired the license to produce Kiss figures of the famous rock band and resurrected the Mego figures with Batman, Robin, Riddler and the Joker with many, many others from the World's Greatest Super Heroes line that Mego created already on their way. 

Another option is Ebay.  There’s a lot of collectors/sellers/dealers always looking to move in and out of product and Marvel Famous Cover figures is a product line that they know will sell for them since so many collectors want them.

Be careful to check out the auctions and or Buy it Now listings carefully.  Some sellers’ terms are not right for everyone and sometimes the items are not what you expect. 

If condition of the package is important to you, then be sure to ask a lot of questions.  If you don’t get the right kinds of answers you’re looking for, then move on and try another listing.

Always check out the seller’s profile to see how their past selling has been.  If they’re new to selling and have only been buying, ask questions.

You always want to be comfortable with the person you’re potentially going to be buying from and you really need to know what it is you’re getting.

Happy Collecting!!!
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