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Most people collect something!

Whether they are items that have been handed down from someone we know or items we once owned when we were young and lost along the way and years later we searched and searched to reacquire them. 

Maybe they are items people have always had a love for and they have kept them for a long, long time.

We all collect something.

Collecting action figures is one of the most fun and most exciting hobbies anywhere.

Where else can you purchase a piece of pop culture for less than $10.  Where else can you own a figure of a character or someone real that brings to life in three-dimension right in your hands that evokes so much great memories and emotions for thousands if not millions worldwide.

That is one of the main foundations of collecting action figures.  People love to collect them.  They are great to play with and great to display and we always want more.  We always look forward to the next set of figures to come out so we can continue to add to our collections.

We are proud to show our families, friends and people we know our action figure collections.  In due time most who do not collect will appreciate what it is these pieces of plastic do for us and makes us feel.

The hobby has been around for decades, but in the last 15 years has seen some great breakthroughs in how toys are made, packaged and marketed with the collector in mind.  The hobby has grown considerably and continues to grow as more and more themes are brought to life as action figures. 

There are so many different subjects that action figures have been made to resemble from television characters, movie characters, comic book characters and real live people from past and present.  There are figures based on sports stars and war personalities.  There are even action figures based on Presidents and celebrities.

There are figures that have been created taking one concept creation and making many more that donít exist anywhere but in action figures.  Batman is one example. 

Technological advances in developing and constructing action figures have far surpassed what was mostly available when action figures came on the scene in 1964 with the 12 inch GI Joe figures debuting to the world. 

Although the creators were able to basically replicate the human body with its movements due to its many points of articulation, most action figures were not as well sculpted and seamless in their points of articulation and design as they are today.  Their likenesses were also not as similar as their subject matter.  Some were rather stiff looking and not well constructed and well painted.

The paint applications and schemes have been surpassed of those in previous eras with todayís action figures, but thatís not to say figures of the past are not worthy of collecting.  They are and some have become classics like Star Wars from the 70s and 80s, Indiana Jones from the 80s, Micronauts, 3-3/4 inch GI Joe from the 80s, Transformers from the 80s and Kennerís DC Super Powers and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. 

Mego Worldís Greatest Super-Heroes from the 70s and the aforementioned GI Joe from the 60s and 70s are some of the most highly sought after action figure toys ever made and have a great fondness for those who bought and received them when they originally came out.  They each continue to increase steadily in value.

Even younger and newer collectors recognize the significance of these past action figure toy lines and have searched and built up their collections with these items as their featured key pieces.

Each toy line has its own charm and appeal and in its own right - revolutionary.

A lot of talented people have entered and remain in the industry creating many refinements and advances to original past designs.  The likenesses are so real itís like having the real subject right before you. 

Some manufacturers have taken to using computers and laser technology to create the figures including the figuresí faces to mirror the characters they portray.

Some of the great toy lines of today and in recent years are DC Universe Classics, DC Justice League Unlimited, Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends, Lord of the Rings, Alien, Predator,  Terminator and Wrestling-WWE and WWF.

Some toy lines are still going strong after debuting back in the 70s and 80s and reinvented with a modern and updated look and feel - Star Wars, GI Joe and Transformers.

What this means is that this is a great time to collect.  There are so many wonderful toy lines that have come out and are available for anyone to collect and enjoy for many years.

There are quite a few resources available to help collectors find the items they are looking for when in the past would have taken years to accomplish.  Internet and local stores and shows offer plenty of material for collectors.

I have created different feature pages to help anyone who is beginning to collect or is already collecting and for those who want to assist someone they know give a hand to that special person.

Youíll find sections on how to collect, where to buy, how to store and protect your collection, how to check how much your collection is worth and where to find books and magazines on this great hobby of ours.

Youíll find sections on various action figure toy lines that I think are worth collecting and would interest those who are beginning to collect and those who may already be collecting them. 

Happy Collecting!!!

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