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Action Comics 242 - for sale - mycomicshop
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Aquaman 1 - for sale - mycomicshop
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New Teen Titans 1 - for sale - mycomicshop
NEW TEEN TITANS #1 for sale
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Hello and welcome to Johnson's Collectibles!

I have been buying, selling and trading action figures, comic books and other collectible items for over 30 years. 

I started visiting local drug stores, comic book stores and attending comic book shows adding many issues to my initial collection.  I bought Action Comics, Batman, Green Lantern, Hulk, Justice League of America, Spider-Man, Superman and many others.

I collected many action figures like Mego World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, Micronauts, Star Wars, Super-Powers, Marvel Secret Wars, GI Joe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and many more at local toy stores.

After my initial years in both hobbies, I stopped collecting for a few years to focus on my professional career.

Around the time of the Batman movie starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, I started re-attending comic book conventions and re-visiting old and new comic book stores in the Seattle area as I was re-energized by all of the hype of the film. 

I wanted to see if things had changed since I last collected a few years back.  I found that my collecting fire had not really stopped.  It only took a slight diversion - I started collecting again.  I found myself collecting not only key issues, but runs of issues.  I started buying a mixture of new issues and older issues from the Bronze Age, Silver Age with a little bit of Golden Age mixed in.

I started to be more aggressive in purchasing issues by going through mail order than ever before and got to know many of the dealers who I had only known by their ads in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.  Some of them I met for the first time at shows in Seattle.

I picked up Atom, Avengers, Batman, Brave and the Bold, Captain America, Daredevil, Detective Comics, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four, Flash, Hawkman, Iron Man, Showcase, Spider-Man, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish, Thor and many others.  I kept adding more and more.

By the early 90s I started re-collecting action figures.  Almost all of the toy lines that came out I bought - Batman Animated Series, Batman Returns, DC Super-Heroes, GI JoeMarvel Super-Heroes, Star Trek, Terminator 2, Transformers, X-Force, X-Men, and many others.  A re-launch of the Star Wars figure line and many other great brands were just around the corner.

It was during the early to mid 90s that I started to let some of my items go.  I started setting up at the local comic book conventions along with my friend.  We would set up at 3 to 4 shows a year and met a lot of fellow collectors and dealers along the way.  We treated them all very well, offering them great products at great prices. 

A lot of them would often ask if we owned a store so they could come and visit as most had acquired so much from us and needed a little time to recoup, but we never pursued that avenue.  We elected to continue doing shows.

By the late 90s, Ebay was just starting to become a little more well-known.  I didn't know too much about it initially, but I had heard some good things from passer bys when I used to setup at swap meets.  I started to take a look into how it all worked.  After reviewing auctions for about a month or so I decided to take a plunge and put up my very first item - a Michael Jordan rookie card.  I didn't have a digital camera or a scanner at the time.  Heck I didn't even have any feedback.  It turned out to be my first sale on Ebay.

Since then I have built relationships with buyers and sellers from all over the world including here in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

I have built up a strong reputation as an honest, reliable and very prompt and professional buyer and seller earning the trust of all who have done business with me. 

You can review my customer feedback on Ebay by clicking this link here where you can read the many thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers' comments about me from over the years.

I decided I wanted to branch out from Ebay and setup a web site where I can share my experience and vast knowledge to anyone who is planning on creating and building an action figure or comic book collection or both.  Even if you have been collecting for years, I believe you can benefit from my experience and knowledge.

The amount of time and effort and my consistent and continual studying of both hobbies have allowed me to acquire an ever increasing wealth of experience and knowledge which I will share on my site. 

I'm sure whatever your interest or taste in the large world of action figures and comic books, you'll find valuable insight on my site that you can use and help guide you on the right path to collecting heaven.

So come on in and take a journey and together we can share our experiences and stories with one another. 

Happy Collecting!!!

Johnson's Collectibles


Captain America

Hawkgirl Premium Format™ Figure



Amazing Spider-Man 129 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Avengers 57 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Captain America 100 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Hulk 181 - for sale - mycomicshop
HULK #181
for sale - mycomicshop

Iron Man 1 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Marvel Super-Heroes 18 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Tales of Suspense 57 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

X-Men 141 - for sale - comicshop
X-MEN #141
for sale - mycomicshop

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