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Here at Johnsonís Collectibles, our visitors and customersí privacy is very important to us.

We do not have personal logins and passwords to access our site, however our site is stored on a secured system while you are visiting our site.

At no time is any personal information transferred or submitted while on our site. 

If any item for sale by Johnson's Collectibles are processed on PayPalís secured server system and not on our site. 

Those orders are processed on PayPal will initiate an email to us with shipping information so we can properly package and ship the item(s) directly to you.  That is the extent of the information that is provided to us and how we use it.

We do not share any of this information with anyone.  It is for shipping purposes only.

An email address is provided to us from PayPal.  This is used only to contact you with confirmation that we have received your order, processed, packaged and shipped your item.  We will also provide you tracking information in that communication. 

Orders that you place and process on, mycomicshop, Sideshow Collectibles, Google, GoDaddy, please review their privacy policy on their site to ensure that they meet your needs. 

Each of those merchants have their own privacy policy.

If you choose to share any information on those sites, none of that information is ever available to us in any way.

We do have direct links on our site that are traceable whereby if a visitor chooses to click on them, those sites will know that the visitor came through our site to get to theirs.  No personal information is ever communicated to us whatsoever. 

It simply is a way for us to know which pages and links are useful to our visitors and to better adjust our pages and those merchant links for a better experience.

At any time that you need to contact us directly with an email inquiry, we will reply back to you directly.  The contents of our discussion will not be shared with anyone. 

Happy Collecting!!!

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Avengers 4 - for sale - mycomicshop
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Fantastic Four 48 - for sale - mycomicshop
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Hulk 181 - for sale - mycomicshop
HULK #181
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Shazam 1 - for sale - comicshop
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Special Edition 15 - for sale - comicshop
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Wolverine 1 - 1982 - for sale - comicshop
WOLVERINE #1 - 1982
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