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the buyer.

As you build up your action figure collection or maybe youíve been collecting for years, one of the things that gets overlooked is ensuring your collection stays in the same shape you originally purchased them in.

Protecting your collection may not have been a priority initially, but it should be a very important part in your collecting habits as you continue to grow your collection.

Most collectors in the last few years are more conscious about their figuresí lifespan and have been actively looking for products that will help in not only protecting their items but also allow their figures to be displayed at the same time.

The most important thing you can do without going out and buying some of these protective products is to ensure that your figures are not in direct sun light or next to areas where heat is high.

Figures are made of plastic or some form of and can over time in natural sun light fade and discolor.

The natural sun light tends to make packaged figureís cardboard and graphics and artwork to fade over a short period of time and can turn the plastic bubbles containing the figures to yellow even quicker.

Figures stored or displayed next to or on electrical equipment like television sets or close by your homeís heating vents can age your figures and discolor them.

Heat can have a very negative effect on your action figure collection especially if you collect packaged figures since the artwork and cardboard containers are susceptible to high and extreme heat.

Some collectors only have the use of their bedrooms to store their figures and thatís fine too as long as the curtains arenít open 100% of the time with your figures baking in the sunlight.

The figures can be in the same room just not exposed to the sunlight for extended periods of time, but ideally you want to store and display your items in as cool an environment as you can find in your living quarters.

Water is an action figure collectorís nemesis as it can damage cardbacks and packaged boxes. 

The slightest water damage can ruin packages forever. 

It is recommended to keep your packaged figures boxes 18 inches or more above the ground to give your collection a chance to avoid any initial flooding.

Keeping your collection away from dank, musty or moist environments can go a long way in protecting your prized action figure possessions.

Although you may collect opened/loose figures these kinds of places can alter your figures permanently.

Simple corrections by you can go a long way in maintaining your figureís life.  By preparing your collecting space and storage areas will ensure your collectionís beauty for years to come.

Storage Containers

If you collect opened/loose figures, itís a must to purchase some form of a storage container with small compartment drawers that you can find at any hardware store or department store like Target or Walmart.

These devices can contain 36, 48, 64, or 128 small drawers which can house the figures and its accessories comfortably.  Itíll help keep things organized and you wonít lose any items like pistols, figure stands, etc.

There are many different styles around and depending on the size of your figures most will fit in these containers and at the very least will fit your figureís accessories. 

These containers can be pricey for some, but for the most part are very affordable.

I use them and have kept my opened/loose figures very organized for decades.  I typically display all of my figures on shelves with the storage drawers housing all of the little accessories.

There are some specially designed action figure storage/display containers that are sold on the internet which allow you to stand opened/loose figures inside its compartments.  Some have mirrors on the back which gives a nice touch. 

Iíve seen items that can hold over 60 figures while there are items that will hold a single figure or a few figures at a time.

They vary in prices depending on the seller so do some checking around if this is a route you want to go.

If you collect packaged figures, there are many different products available online that you can purchase for protection and display.

These protectors are usually made of the same kinds of clear plastic that you see at your grocery store holding small fruits or pastries. 

Some manufacturers have taken to using this light soft plastic and molded them to fit certain action figure packages and marketed them for protection and display.

Some manufacturers make products that are of a thick plastic that has heft and are usually made of hard acrylic plastic.

All of these containers are see through so you can display your figures and gives you the assurance that they are protected from most handling all at the same time.

Action figure packages are not uniformed across the board and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so thereís not always going to be a product available to fit every figure made.

I would recommend acquiring some of these products specifically for your most treasured and valuable packaged figures. 

The harder plastic containers should be used for items that are your most expensive figures as these items tend to cost more than the soft plastic containers.

Itís simply not cost-effective nor realistic to store all of your packaged figures in these protective containers.

If some of your best items have no protectors available, thatís okay too.

I would use banker boxes that you can get at Office Depot or Staples to store the majority of your items while using shelves to display your better items - of course out of the sunlight and in a cool area/room.

As long as you donít constantly handle your packaged figures - only taking them out once in a while, theyíll be fine.


If you have a very valuable collection or a large collection that youíve spent quite a bit of money on, it might be advantageous for you to insure them either with your current insurance company or an agency that deals with insuring collectible items.

You obviously value your collection and donít want anything to happen to them and having that peace of mind knowing that your collection is protected financially makes sense.

Traditional insurance companies may be tough to deal with since they have no idea on the value of collectible items like action figures and trying to convince them using various price guides may not be sufficient information that they can utilize.

Check with your current insurance company first to see what they can offer you and if they donít have an applicable plan, then there are choices you can find on the internet that will.

One such company has been insuring collectibles since 1966.  A simple Google search will find them for you.  Just type in collectibles insurance in the search window.

Happy Collecting!!!

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