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The majority of my website feature items from other retailers.

This page will contain items that I personally have for sale.  You'll find some great deals.  I might be selling the same item on Ebay, but will honor whomever purchases my item first.

I do want to stress that I can only ship within the continental United States.  It's too expensive to ship anywhere outside of the 48 states and the prices below reflect my ability to ship FREE only in these states.

STAR WARS AT-AT Walker and Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth) Vintage Collection

This is the Giant AT-AT WALKER - STAR WARS Vintage Collection produced by Hasbro - 2010!

The item is for the 3.75 inch scale figures and is representative of the vehicle in the Star Wars film mythology.

This is one of the best vehicles and playsets ever made for the Star Wars and action figure world.  It is absolutely huge with so many features and play areas with incredible detail.  Estimated over 2 feet tall and over 2 feet in length when measuring from the tip of the front cannons to the rear.

Some of the key features of this vehicle playset are:

Real authentic sound effects and voice clips from the movie The Empire Strikes Back with lights at a few areas.

Additional sound effects and voice clips not found in the film.

Moveable head and neck which can be controlled from a lever at the front of the bulk of the walker that pops up and out.

Opening cockpit/command center which you can seat and stand some of your figures.

Light up control board in the cockpit/command center.

Light up cannons which can retract back and forth.

Computer console in the main portion of the walker and drop down displays in the rear compartment.

Both sides of the walker have opening doors where you can insert and position/house many figures inside the walker.

The opening doors/panels can accept the weight of a couple of figures without difficulty and act as standing platforms.

Two wenches that swing out to the left and right with one stationed on either side of the walker that you can lower your figures down (Photo showing one side.  Photo not taken of the other side as it's the same style wench).

Opening hatch at bottom of the belly of the walker that has a mechanized retractable cable/rope for Luke Skywalker to travel up or down.

Rear hatch opens up to reveal a speeder bike which is removable and is the same style as those of the Endor bikes, but is painted a snow color white with gray.

All four legs move with articulation at the knees and ankles as well.

I'm sure I've missed other features, but this is pretty good list.

Original box is included.  I noticed some typical defects like surface impressions, slight stress lines and light wear at and around the edges.

Special AT-AT Driver that only comes with this vehicle is included.  Hasbro never included any weapons with the figure and intended it to be the primary driver.

Additional bonus figure that I am including with the vehicle is an Imperial Stormtrooper Hoth from the Saga Collection - Vintage Collection - 2007.  Card back and blaster are included.  Unfortunately I have misplaced his backpack.  I apologize as I don't remember ever not having all accessories for any item I sell.  If I find it I will send it out to you at my own expense.

The original instructions and sticker sheet are included.  I have applied primarily the computer display stickers and have not applied any of the battle damage and oil/mechanical effect stickers.  You can enjoy putting those on wherever you'd like.  There's no right way to apply them to.  It's up to you.

This is an OPENED item.  It is in great shape.  It was taken directly out of its package by me and assembled by me.  It has never been played with.  The item is complete.  I noticed the stem on one of the miniature monitors in the main cockpit that you hang on the holographic screen was molded in a way where it slightly angles the monitor.  Since the stem and monitor can obviously be turned while hanging off of the holographic screen, it doesn't really matter.  I just wanted to mention this since you'll be assembling those pieces into the cockpit and did not want the winner to come across this without my noting it here first.  This is minute.  There is a very, very, very tiny scratch at the front edge tip of the ledge that's out in front of the view window of the head.  This is very unnoticeable, but I was re-reviewing the item to find whatever I could and discovered this.  It won't show up at all on the scans.  I cannot zoom in to photograph it as it is so tiny.  This is very, very minor.  I try to check the item over before deciding to place it up for sale.  I don't play with the items at all as I want to keep it the same as it came from the manufacturer.  If there are any paint or minute flaws from the manufacturer that I may have missed, it is not intentional. 

Price - $380 - Shipping - $25 (Item will be delivered through the USPS using Parcel Ground).  The actual shipping will be more than this, but trying to provide an affordable price.  I will cover any overages.

Happy Collecting!!!

Johnson's Collectibles


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