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Batman 251 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Green Lantern 76 - for sale - mycomicshop
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Superman 245 - for sale - mycomicshop
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The majority of my web site feature items from other retailers.

This page will contain items that I personally have for sale.  You'll find some great deals.  I might be selling the same item on Ebay, but will be able to discount prices further here since Ebay charges a seller's fee which I have to include in the overall price while selling on their site.  Not so here.  I'll be able to also provide FREE shipping. 

I do want to stress that I can only ship within the continental United States.  It's too expensive to ship anywhere outside of the 48 states and the prices below reflect my ability to ship FREE only in these states.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

War Machine 1/6th Scale Hot Toys For Sale

The 1/6th Scale DIECAST War Machine Mark II MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series) 12 Inch figure from Iron Man 3 produced by Hot Toys is for sale at $275 (FREE shipping through UPS Ground Services with Insurance.  Tracking number will be emailed to you once the item has been shipped.

Hot Toys is known for their incredible detail, poseability and real-life likeness in all of the movie character figures that they produce.  The figure stands an impressive 12 inches tall and has metal parts to various parts of the armor that resembles in great detail the armor worn in the Iron Man films by Don Cheadle.  There are multiple removable parts for the armor and hands and comes with a display stand which lights up.  The figure has light-up eyes, hands and chest emblem.  This figure has sold out at every retailer.  The figure comes in a great display box that has a great-looking computer generated etched-like picture of the character on the exterior.

The figure is in its original sealed package and is brand new shape from the manufacturer.  There is a clear plastic strap and clear plastic bag that keep's the figure's package together and protected within the brown shipping box.  These are still sealed from Hot Toys.  The brown shipping box used by Hot Toys to ship the item to resellers is included.  The brown shipping box has some small punctures/gashes, stress/impressions on parts of the box.  There is a little bit of tape removal on a couple of parts from the shipping labels from UPS to me.  Again these are on the brown shipping box and not the War Machine Hot Toys figure packaging.  I will package up the entire package into another box to help avoid anything additional to the brown shipping box.  A great-looking item that will add to your collection for years which will receive incredible praise from your family and friends.  I've provided Hot Toys original photoscans to show you what the figure looks like in case you're not familiar and a picture of the actual item's packaging showing you that this will be the item that you will receive from me.


War Machine 1/6th Scale Hot Toys - $275 (FREE shipping - US only)

Tales of Suspense #63 CGC 8.5 For Sale

Tales of Suspense #63 - CGC 8.5 (Origin of Captain America in the Silver Age - 1963) for sale at $320 (FREE shipping through USPS Priority Mail with Insurance).  Tracking number will be emailed to you once the item has been shipped.

This is one of the most overlooked issues of the Silver Age.  It contains the very first Origin of Captain America in the Silver Age.  Most other characters’ origins were featured in the first appearance issues like FF #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, Hulk #1, Journey into Mystery #83, Tales of Suspense #39, X-Men #1 and Daredevil #1.  With Captain America being revived for the Silver Age in Avengers #4, this story would be told a year later in this issue and thus stands out from other major character origin stories listed above.  This is incredibly undervalued and will only continue to gain more and more demand with the Captain America movie that came out in 2011 and additional Captain America films and Avengers movies.

The issue is graded by CGC as an 8.5.  It has pages off-white to WHITE pages.  The CGC holder is in great shape.  There are no damages to the holder.  To view a larger scan click on each photo.


Tales of Suspense #63 CGC 8.5 - $320 (FREE shipping - US only)

Happy Collecting!!!

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Iron Man Mark XLVI Marvel Sixth Scale Figure

R2-D2 Star Wars Life-Size Figure

Amazing Fantasy 15 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Amazing Spider-Man 1 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Avengers 1 - for sale - mycomicshop
for sale - mycomicshop

Hulk 181 - for sale - mycomicshop
HULK #181
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